1. Ok, I get that WE ALL LOVE CAMERAN. I get it. But is anyone else sick of her not showing her real life? Her husband refuses to be on the show so I have doubts about her entire “will-she, won’t-she” with the baby business. (Also, I do. not. care.) She says if she isn’t going to give him a baby, at least she can give him a decent meal (fast-forward to husband Jason not appearing at said meal).

2. Since we’re on the topic, I was okay with Cameran taking the slice of meat off Danni’s plate and placing it onto Patricia’s. There was a 0% possibility Danni was going to eat it anyway…

3. We hear the conversation between Kathryn and Jennifer and all I could think was Jennifer is smart. To get on this television show, she hooked her anchor to the most valuable and most vulnerable player. Well done, Ms. Snowden.

4. The theme of this episode was obviously centered around Kathryn (because they all are…one of the main cast members won’t even show her husband so someone has to be real) and this time it’s focused on her children. Everyone is soooo worried about Kathryn’s children. They aren’t going to talk to her about it or offer to help, but they will talking head some strong opinions. Thomas states that Kathryn has full custody and she won’t let him see the kids unless he pays her. Most of the other cast members think this is egregious behavior; I say it’s completely valid. She’s living in a bedroom with her child; if he can’t help pay to support the baby, he can’t see the baby. This seems like a no-brainer to me. (*I know I’ll be eating my words next episode after the preview, but I stand by them. For now.*)

5. Landon is in love with Shep and I desperately hope it is not unrequited.

6. Shep and Craig go to a bar. Three women show up. Landon (woman #1) sits on one side of Craig, and Landon’s friend (woman #2, Robyn) sits by Shep. Robyn and Shep flirt for a while, until woman #3 (Bailey) shows up and sits on the other side of Shep. Shep proceeds to flirt with Bailey while Robyn sits there and looks very stupid. There is a 0% chance I would have stayed in that seat if I was Robyn. Landon should have grabbed her to go elsewhere, but Landon is in love with Shep and wanted to stay. (There’s also a 0% chance I would have worn those hats. However, I’m thinking Landon is being paid by designers to wear clothes this season.)

7. Craig calls Shep a “college frat star” and to that I say good for Shep. What is one good reason he should stop behaving that way? He’s got money, looks, and fame. Why wouldn’t he be acting like he is? If it were anyone other than Craig that threw down that disparaging comment, I’d think it was jealousy-driven. With Craig, I think it’s frustration that Shep gets away with all the things Craig wants to do without people thinking an intervention needs to happen. (Pssst…Craig….it’s because Shep doesn’t have to earn money and you do; therefore you have to hold down a job while he parties and fondles women. Sorry, bud.)

8. Cameran is not a good actress. The whole “I’m a mess in the kitchen haha look how cute I am” thing was a total turn-off for me. It might be true she didn’t know how to use some of the equipment, but there’s a zero percent chance that is how she would have put salt & pepper on that roast if she weren’t being recorded. It’s too much.  I might give her the benefit of the doubt if anything else about her storyline was real (cough, still pissed about them not showing her newlywed struggles, cough). Seriously, why does Katheryn have to get raked through the mud every episode by showing her real self but Cameran can just stand back, look gorgeous, and make snarky comments?

9. Speaking of Katheryn, I feel badly for her that she’s not invited to things. That’s one thing about Cameran that’s real: they weren’t friends before the show so there’s no reason for Cameran to invite her to a dinner party. She DOES invite Patricia, however. Does Patricia have any friends her age that aren’t on the payroll? I can’t decide my feelings on this. On one hand, they’re all adults so who cares. On the other, it’s obvious production just wants Patricia in every scene to judge and shame people.  I’ll also add here I was a little disappointed that Shep and Danni just sat there while everyone except Craig hated on Katheryn. Shep says they weren’t going to convince anyone to like her…but on the other hand, why doesn’t that same logic apply to Cameran, Patricia, & Whitney? They weren’t going to convince anyone NOT to like her. Hrrpmh.

10. I leave you with this: Patricia thinks Whitney is perfect despite being brought up with divorced parents. She actually said perfect. Whitney is an executive producer (it is literally the only thing he brings to the show) and he edited that perfectly to invite commentary. Well done, sir.  

10thoughts written by Kerry