1. I love Southern Charm, but watching tonight’s episode gave me pause. Have they all always been that stuck up? I mean, I know Patricia and Whitney think they are better than Jesus, but did Cameron and Shep always think that way too? I’ll not go into this any further because I do not dare insult Patricia or Cameron; I understand they are everyone’s favorite. The superiority just seemed…gross? tonight rather than humorous.

2. Love her or hate her, there would be no Southern Charm without Katheryn Dennis. That show would have gotten cancelled after the first season. She slept with three of the four male leads (and the 4th wanted to). I question her taste in men because clearly dating Craig would have been better than reproducing with T-Rav (and I can’t even talk about the Whitney thing…is there a puke emoji?). Craig is her age, he’s a literal model, and he graduated from law school so he’s got some brains in there. However, money. T-Rav, Whitney, and Shep have it and Craig didn’t. T-Rav was the only one dumb enough to reproduce with her, so now she’s on that gravy train for at least 18 years.

3. Speaking of Katheryn Dennis, we find out she is seven months pregnant with Thomas’ 2nd child. Of course, most of us rabid fans knew this; however, we did find out she managed to get pregnant during a “four day whirlwind romance.” (Romance isn’t the word she meant…). Everyone, of course, has opinions on this. My husband was watching with me and wondered why everyone was being so hard on Katheryn. Because this is the first time he was watching the show, I had to fill him in that basically everyone thinks she got pregnant for money/fame (Whitney even accused her of getting preggo to stay on the reality show at the reunion last year) and this is the SECOND “unplanned” pregnancy. I can’t say I disagree with that given all the facts in point number two.

4. Speaking of money, Craig’s new girl has it. They are shacking up in a million dollar home and I think I could actually see Shep turning slight shades of green when he walked in. However, their relationship reads as genuine and I think he’d be with her regardless of her family’s situation. She’s gorgeous but that’s basically all we know about her.

5. Speaking of the women’s looks: Cameron and Danni need to CALM DOWN with the dieting. It was hard to look at. Well, Cameron at least looked semi-healthy, like she had some blood left, but Danni looked like her body had used every last ounce of blood, fat, and muscle for fuel. Cameron’s hair looked normal but Danni’s is starting to thin out. I really hate commenting on body types (I’d never call a girl fat, so why is it fair game to pick on the skinny girls?) but it was just so jarring.

6. Whitney needs to calm down as well, but he needs to calm down about his self-importance. He has an apartment in LA, but doesn’t all of his money come from Mommy? What has he ever done? I guess he is the EP of Southern Charm. Thank goodness for him, because he certainly shouldn’t be starring on it except people want to see his mother. (Again…everything is all about the Mommy. There’s a Freud reference in there somewhere.) He really irritated me when he said the ethnicity slur about Katheryn’s baby. He was insinuating she was getting around (which…well, might not have been untrue based on her past behavior) and I hate that girls can be called sluts while males are heros. YOU slept with Katheryn too, dummy. He also irritated me when he said Craig was throwing himself a welcome home party. Ugh. Whitney is the new Scheana (THE WORST).

7. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Craig’s behavior last year was that bad? He’s a smoking hot 25 year old who is starring on a reality show. Why wouldn’t he be going out every night drinking? I mean, I agree, it’s bad he lost his job. However, he didn’t care about that job anyway so whatever. Have fun while you’re young. What good is 15 minutes of fame if you can’t enjoy it?

8. Craig DID look like an Italian drug dealer, as Cameron pointed out. I did not like the look. He reminded me more of a peacock as outlined in The Game by Neil Strauss, but to-mate-o to-mat-o I guess.

9. Let’s talk about Katheryn walking into that party with a 7-month pregnant belly. That had to be horrifying. I was thinking, “Oh, get that girl a drink….OMG SHE CAN’T DRINK!!” That’s when the horror really set in for me. Thomas touching her belly was so awkward I couldn’t stand to watch.

10. The beginning of the episode gave a fantastic sneak peek at what is to come. I am most excited about Landon’s changing style. She started the season in a purple Cynthia Rowley tent, so it can only go up from here.

Bonus thought: I sincerely hope all of you saw Whitney’s pinkie ring.

10thoughts written by Kerry