So sorry for how late this is- Tonight’s episode will be recapped tomorrow, but I was in the midst of a move last week which is why this is a 10Thoughts and not a full recap like normal.  Hopefully things will get back on track after this week!

  1.  I still say that what Laura did by withholding information from Lala was shady and stupid, but I also think that it’s a maturity thing.  Meaning- when you’re a grown up and have lost all of the fucks that you ever had to give, you don’t lie to friends much anymore.  Especially when you’ve done nothing wrong.  Laura didn’t know that Lala and James were a real thing (not that they ever really were), and she could have so easily said “oh shit.  that was me.  It meant nothing and I didn’t know you were interested.”  See how easy that was?  And as far as Anthony (aka that bartender who is 50x hotter than James) is concerned, I was under the impression that he and Laura were exes, but maybe they were more of an on-again/off-again thing- in which case If I were Anthony, I would stop hooking up with Laura too because that’s how you get second-hand-Jamesed, which is almost as bad as first hand…Also, I don’t care about the Jax/James rivalry. And since this is a 10thoughts instead of a full recap, I won’t comment on it.
  2. I’m not sure I believe the “two and a half weeks” timeline for Tom2Kat’s journey from engagement to definitely boning.  It seemed like all season, remarks kept getting made about how they still hadn’t done the deed.  Here’s the thing.  Katie and Tom2 seem sort of happy in a weird twisted way, so really it shouldn’t bother me so much, BUT IT JUST DOES.  I guess because the happiest relationships I know are between people who have great sex, or at least love having whatever kind of sex they have, and I feel like if Katie was in a relationship with someone who she liked having sex with (male or female or otherwise), I think she’d lighten up and be a better, happier person.  I know I get cranky as hell if its been a few too many days for me.  Side note- of COURSE Tom2 went through an”asexual” phase….a lot of gay men do that before they learn to accept themselves…
  3. I hate to defend Jax, because it makes me feel like I should turn in my feminist club card or something, but when Andy went on and on about all the women that Jax has been with, that rang a bit false.  We saw him with Stassi, and without Stassi trying to win her back, with Laura Leigh, and then with Cameron and Tiffany, and now with Brittany.  All women that he was in some form of a relationship with.  We’ve heard tell about other conquests, but not seen them.  All that said- I like Kentucky Fried Boobs, because I went to high school with girls just like her.  Brittany is that type of gorgeous girl that you want to hate but can’t because she’s just so nice- even to losers (like Jax).  Also?  true intimacy is going to the bathroom with the door open.  #2 is a bit much, but I still believe in the sentiment.
  4. Katie gets frustrated that Tom2 has so much potential and has commitment issues and won’t get a real job.  I get frustrated that Katie is failed actress/model turned waitress  “Beauty Blogger” and somehow thinks that entitles her to belittle Tom2’s semi-successful modeling career.
  5. SCHEANA IS THE WORST.  And here’s why! (this time).  When you say “I’m sorry if I upset you” instead of saying “I’m sorry for doing the thing that upset you”, what you are saying is “I’m sorry if your face got hurt when my hand slapped it” instead what you should be saying, which is “I’m sorry I hit you”.  I also applaud Lala for referring to the daughter-mother relationship as a “safe place” that Scheana had no right to get in the middle of.  You can tell that Lala and her mom are close and it’s sweet.
  6. How many times have we watched the VPR’s girls go skinny dipping- specifically on Stassi’s birthday trips?  Katie hates Lala because Lala represents everything that Katie is uncomfortable with (fun, female strength, sexuality in general, etc).  Katie didn’t care that Faith went topless.  How come?  If she thinks it’s because Lala is Tom2’s type and Faith isn’t, I have have some news for her….
  7. I like Brittany.  And I think it makes sense that she would “stand by her man” instead of someone she barely knew, especially if she truly didn’t bother to google Jax (how- HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE).  I feel bad for her that her man is Jax and that she ended up looking like a fool on TV.  I often times feel overly protective of southern people, especially when they are made to look foolish on national tv just for being kindhearted.
  8. LVP should fire all of them for having a “who has stolen more from SUR” shouting match.
  9. Did Stassi and Lala have the same makeup artist?  Three cheers to Stassi for calling out James for his heinous behavior, though. Three jeers to James for basically making the same defense as Donald Trump by saying that he is not horrible to all women, just some women.  Als0- I love LVP but she absolutely holds things over people’s heads and Stassi became Stassi, yes because the show existed thanks to LVP, but mostly because Stassi was born to be on reality tv, and that is a talent that comes from within (much like my ability to always tell the difference between the Olsen Twins).  These are gifts from God.
  10. Katie is a bitch for not standing up for Tom1 all season to Scheana if what he said was true about being there for her during the Stassi-Katie break up.  That said, it’s not surprising.  Scheana and Katie deserve each other.

10Thoughts written by Liz