1. I sort of understand Stassi’s point of view when she’s arguing with LVP about the whole sex tape thing, but on the other hand…she should probably be a bit more grateful. That ish would have been very embarrassing FOREVER had it gotten out.

2. Ariana finally had the chance to admit she was being petty when she bashed Kristen’s comedy show. She just doesn’t like Kristen; it has nothing to do with anything else. Zero people know Ariana cares about sketch comedy and the whole thing read as some real jealousy on her part. She tried to say she didn’t think it was fair “real” comics didn’t get a television spot but Kristen did – so what? Nothing about Hollywood is “fair” last time I checked. Do you think it’s “fair” that Scheana got to put a song out when, arguably, everyone on the face of the earth except Tom1 has a better voice?

3.  James is a clown. He gets to call Kristen a slut for partaking in the exact same activity in which he ALSO participated? Ariana, where’s your ‘heteronormative bullshit’ line now?

4. Are we all just supposed to keep pretending that Katie and Tom2 are this great couple? I’m pretty over that.

5. Why haven’t we heard more from Lala this reunion? She basically anchored the first half of the season.

6. I was so glad Andy called James out for texting. James then whined it was because they hadn’t talked about his album. Really dude?? (Which is pretty much exactly what Andy said to him.)

7. I don’t care about the James/Jax feud, but I absolutely do not think Jax is jealous of James. No one can stand James. Jax is just the most vocal about it.

8. We found out Lala doesn’t speak to rimjob guy anymore because James called him out on television. James might not have given the name, but people in Lala’s real life know who he is. He didn’t sign up for the show and he didn’t deserve that. James complaining that Lala mentioned something about the inadequate size of James’ favorite toy is fair game. James signed up for that (even though that was a gross moment).

9. Speaking of, how many times did James offer to pull out his size 1? Ugh, gross.

10. This wraps up a pretty tame season. Scheana was the worst this season. Lala gets MVP. I’m still team Kristen, though she makes it difficult sometimes (she is terrible in arguments. Ariana always wins.) I’ll leave you with this: Katie still has that nose ring.

10thoughts written by Kerry