1. Awww…I don’t like Kathryn but I am so happy for her! I can’t imagine losing my hearing. It was HILARIOUS when she realized how loud she had been talking because she was hollering at people this entire season! Yeah girl, you do need to apologize to Erica for that dinner party disaster.

2.  Oh goodie. Another RHOBH charity event. Shout out to Camille for looking amazeballs after battling cancer. And Yolanda’s new hair–perf. Eileen, take note.
3.  Oh my goodness Lisa Rinna! Why do you care who Yolanda goes to lunch with? She actually looks DISTRESSED because she’s burdened with the need to start unnecessary drama. And it was Erica’s party and SHE doesn’t even care that Yolanda wasn’t there. “It said #realfriends.” Um…what? Isn’t this was middle schoolers insa-fight over in 2016?? Move on.
4.  Oh yes Kyle! I agree. Lisa Rinna is a follower, not a leader.  The problem with Lisa Ring is that she has a delayed reaction to all this housewife drama nonsense and talks about it behind everyone’s backs instead of confronting stuff head on unlike LVP, the real MVP.
5. Good grief, how have I never heard of Yulin before?? I just googled the event and apparently it began in the 1990’s! I assumed it was some vestige of the Ming dynasty. Eating dogs for good luck?! Yikes.  I wouldn’t be surprised if LVP, Giggy and Ken went to China and bought every dog to save them from this awfulness.
6. Here we are in the luggage store and Eileen and Lisa are dragging up drama AGAIN about LVP! Whyyyyy!?!(*note: Eileen’s dress is awful) Eileen is right, Lisa Rinna talks about everyone behind their backs but to their faces she can’t get a decent point across.  Just stop talking, ladies because you are never going to get the groveling apologies from LVP or Yolanda that you so desperately seek.
7. Remember when I asked if David Foster had any other interests besides music in my last 10 thoughts? Well I think him nearly knocking Yolanda off the piano stool when she was just playing around answers that one.
8.  Yolanda you should not be apologizing to your husband for getting sick! Marriage is for better or for worse and no one should get married expecting a lifetime of perfection. “I’m gonna make it up to you.” Huh? You don’t owe him anything and he shouldn’t make you feel like you do!
9. Did anyone else notice Daisy who is  Yolanda’s “health advocate”? What is that? Shouldn’t that be your spouse. Oh wait, according to Yolanda David gets “impatient” so maybe that’s why she’s around.
10.  AHHHHH!! That whispered conversation between David and Tom was the nail in the coffin for me. He sounds like a bratty kid who doesn’t understand why he’s been grounded.  Bye David Foster. Yolanda is better off without you
10Thoughts Written by Lauren