1. I call shenanigans that Erika’s glam squad didn’t know who LVP is was. Shenanigans!

2. I’ll try to wrap the horribleness, drunken (I hope/allegedly) mess that is Kathryn was/is into one post. First, when she was in the car with Rinna, her talking head starts talking shit about Erika & Tom’s relationship. She says he must be so “open-minded” to be married to Erika. We all love Erika at this point, so it doesn’t play well. Second, lay off Rinna. I agree Rinna doesn’t eat but Kathryn is coming off like a major bitch bringing it up in front of the wait staff & the other Wives a thousand times. Third, it is completely insulting to tell TOM fucking GIRARDI what a good lawyer you’d be because you’re good at arguing. Fourth, she quoted herself on Twitter last night. She literally wrote, ” ‘A sense of humor. Try it on’ – me” Who quotes themselves?! Fifth, she’s begging to be Erika’s best friend and its sooooo gross. She’s insulting her too; saying she wants to speak her language: lip gloss. Sixth, she’s not being loud and assertive. She’s being a bitch and isn’t making any sense.

3. LVP most certainly does not work 18 hours a day.

4. OMG. DO NOT interrupt Tom Girardi. Vanderpump cracks a joke and interrupts Mr. Girardi. He’s not having it so he scolds LVP. Ken comes to LVP’s rescue by telling Tom that he’s “acting like a judge when he’s only a lawyer.” (What an asshole thing to say. Who are you, Ken? But good for him for at least acting like he loves his wife in public.) Then Erika seconds something Tom said and Tom scolds Erika in front of everyone. What a disaster that dinner was. I’d be so embarrassed if I was Erika, both my my friends’ behavior in front of my husband and my husband’s behavior in front of my friends.

5. On one hand, it’s gross that Erika is a second class citizen in her relationship. She’s “not allowed” to behave like that. On the other hand, when your husband is Tom Girardi, you’re probably not allowed to act like that! Also, money. So I’d put up with it.

6. I think hot Donnie likes being on the housewives more than Kathryn. And Kathryn LIVES for it. Why else would Katheryn go for a hearing exam for the first time in 6 years?

7. Eileen looks pretty great in her little screen shot introduction thing. I never noticed that before.

8. So if Yolanda went to lunch with Kim and Brandi, why did we not get to see it? Also, if Yolanda is using her sickness as an excuse, good for her. When I’m pregnant, I use it as an excuse for any and everything I can.

9. The ladies have to go to the other side of the tracks (wrong side of the tracks?) to volunteer. We know that because the producers literally showed a train.

10. Ah, dammit, I have to talk about Kathryn again. She was clearly wrong and will not back down or admit it. She brushes it off that the women are sensitive in her talking head. (Rude.) I do love how aggressively Erika says YES to Kathryn asking if she could hug her.

#10thoughts written by Kerry


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