You guys- this is it.  This is the last episode of TeenMomOG I have to recap!  Yipee!

This week we are focused on Catelynn and Amber, starting with Cate.  We get a quick recap of Tyler and Catelynn’s season and these two are ridiculously sweet.  I’m glad they are making it work.  Dr. Drew compliments their journey and maturity.

Tyler tells us that when he tried to commit suicide by hanging himself when he was 12 or 13, the rope didn’t snap his neck and instead slowly strangled him.  He was able to make it out and although before that day he had also been a cutter, Tyler credits this second chance at life as his bottom and a total wakeup call and he was done with self-harm after that.

butch on skype

After a commercial break, Dr. Drew tells us that Butch wasn’t able to travel due to his parole restrictions, but he joins us via Skype.  Dr. Drew asks Butch how life has been on the outside and what he feels is different this time.  Butch says that the last time he got arrested, that was his bottom and he swore he would never go back.  Butch talks more about his childhood and it paints a clearer picture of why he reacted the way he did when Ty and Cate chose adoption for Carly.  Butch didn’t have a mother and was raised by an abusive father.  He reflects that you’d think he wouldn’t perpetuate the cycle of abuse, but unfortunately, he did.  Butch tells us that he is very, very proud of Catelynn and Tyler and says that Tyler is a part of him, and also the most wonderful human being he has ever met.  Aaaaand I’m crying.

I gotta say though that this is a lot of pressure that Butch is (unintentionally) putting on Tyler.  If something were to happen and Butch were to relapse, I feel like due to how intertwined they both are, Tyler would likely feel responsible.  I hope they continue to go to therapy together.  Butch also says that his life is so great right now that his soul can hardly handle it.   This can sometimes be known as “pink-clouding” in the recovery community, and it can be worrisome because you basically build up how great everything is when you are sober to such an extent that it’s actually too much pressure and typically the bottom falls out.  I just hope Butch is working his program and setting realistic goals for himself because Tyler deserves the happiness that comes with a good father-son relationship.  Butch prides himself of staying sober while he was in prison, especially since it’s often times easier to score inside than it is outside.  Dr. Drew gives the slow-clap to Butch.

Next up, Dr. Drew brings out Cate’s mom April and Tyler’s mom Kim.  Kim admits to getting emotional when it comes to the Tyler/Butch relationship and agrees that this is a new Butch.  April can’t comment on that because she isn’t allowed to see him thanks to the no-contact order that is still in place while Butch is on parole.  The no-contact order was put there due to the domestic violence that happened in their marriage, starting early on and continuing throughout.

cate and tyler

Kim remembers finding Tyler with the rope burn around his neck and Tyler at first lied to her and said he had just been playing and had an accident but she didn’t believe him.  I can’t even imagine how she must have felt.  Dr. Drew calls her the one in this group who is the most in tune with mental health issues since she was the first to bring up Catelynn’s possible post-partum.  Kim starts talking about it and Catelynn immediately crumbles.  She’s clearly still struggling, but again she references it like it’s something she’s moved on from.  I said this multiple times throughout the season, but I really don’t like how Catelynn’s depression storyline was handled and I genuinely worry for her.


It’s Amber’s turn and she looks great.  We get her video recap and Amber says that she disconnects the drama from Leah.  She won’t have fights in front of her now, and she and Gary have worked out a 50/50 custody arrangement.  Amber tells us that she and Matt had a lot of secrets that they kept from the cameras, and the way she phrases it makes it sound way more salacious than I think she means.  I’m guessing she’s trying to say that there were some topics that she and Matt had decided were private (i.e. the amount of kids Matt had told her he has), and so they only shared partial truths on camera.  Dr. Drew tries to get a better understanding of the situation but Amber shuts that down with an “I love my fans, but it’s none of their business”.  Uh oh, Dr. Drew’s not satisfied with that answer at all, but he has to pretend to be the respectful Dr/Host so he lets it go- FOR NOW.

Dr. Drew also tries to get Amber to explain her custody arrangement with Gary and she looks like a ticking time bomb ready to explode Old School Amber Aggression all over the place.  She coyly tells Dr. Drew to bring Gary out and ask him how they came up with the arrangement.  Gary’s all dressed up in his fanciest camo shorts and gray t-shirt complete with signature trucker hat.  Way to dress for success Gar-bear!

Amber gary drew

Gary says that his motivation for bringing up the 7-kids thing was because ultimately he wants Amber to be happy.  Dr. Drew lobs that hunk of bullshit over to Amber who doesn’t believe it and thinks he did it on camera to make her look unstable and mess with her bid for custody.  Gary apologizes if she felt that way, but he was just concerned that maybe she was picking the wrong person- again (and he includes himself in that list of wrong choices).  Dr. Drew tries to get Gary to say nice things about Amber and the best he can come up with is, “she’s in a good mood right now and her hair is highlighted; it’s great”.  Three cheers for Gary!  Even Dr. Drew can’t stop himself from laughing.  Gary later clarifies that he wasn’t trying to say that he likes her highlights, but that he was just pointing out that they exist.

After the commercial break, Gary is gone and Matt has joined Amber on the couch.  Matt immediately starts in on Gary and says that if Gary had really been worried about Amber’s happiness, he would have called her about the 7-kids accusation instead of waiting to do it on camera.  Fair point.  Dr. Drew asks if Matt understands why people are concerned about his role in Amber’s life and their relationship, but then also asks why he lied to her, so ultimately the first question never gets answered.  Matt says the lies came from a place of shame and his actions were during a bad time in his life so he tried to ignore it, but that the whole thing sounds shadier than it actually was.  Matt sticks with the story that he only has 5 kids and says that he has a past and that ex-girlfriends from decades ago are coming out of the woodwork now because they are still angry with him for his behavior and actions back then.  Amber says she is emotionally and I believe it.  She looks exhausted.

Kristina and Gary join Matt and Amber on stage and I can’t get a read on Kristina.  She seems like a really sweet innocent bystander in this whole thing, but then I remember that she cheated on her boyfriend to be with Gary, and that just shows terrible judgment, or that she is just someone who wanted to be on TV.  Not that those two things are mutually exclusive.  Dr. Drew gives Gary an opportunity to address the 7-kids accusation with Matt and he says that when someone comes into Leah’s life, he has a right to look into that person’s background (I completely agree), and that when it looked like, at least to Gary, that Matt had been lying to Amber, he felt like that meant he could have been lying about any number of things.  Matt bristles at the accusation that he was a deadbeat dad and says that this is all “last season” stuff that we are talking about, to which sweet, sweet Gary says “no, we are talking about your whole life of trash”.  Both Dr. Drew and I are like “WAT!”

amber mad at gary

Amber is furious, but is clearly trying very hard to take the high road and not give Gary the time of day here.  She warns Gary to not take Matt’s silence as weakness, because he is being the “bigger man”.  Nice try Amber, but there are maybe a handful of “bigger men” than Gary, and they’ve all been featured on TLC’s “My 600lb life”.  Matt says he isn’t going to get into it with Gary because he loves Leah.  This prompts Gary to ask how Matt can love Leah and be there for her if he isn’t there for his own kids.

dr. drew in the middle

Gary is spinning like a top and Amber and Matt continue to keep their cool.  Dr. Drew decides to get up and sit between Gary and Matt under the guise of preventing the situation from getting physical (really Drew?  How on earth would you stop that if it happened?), but the truth is, he is a magnet to drama and couldn’t sit in his chair on the other side of the stage for a moment longer.  He is LITERALLY putting himself in the middle of this argument.  After Matt assures him that he “couldn’t be more calm”, Dr. Drew goes back to his seat.  I really don’t know what that whole exchange was about.  Gary and Matt certainly aren’t running out to get best friend bracelets anytime soon but the situation never seemed like it was at risk of getting violent.  Amber’s the one who does the hitting, remember?

all the girls

Finally, all 4 moms get brought out on stage together and Dr. Drew asks them if they were able to get closer and form stronger relationships like the said they wanted to last year.  *Crickets*  Finally Amber says that she feels like she has a relationship with all of the other moms.  Maci says that she and Farrah don’t have conflict anymore and Farrah grits her teeth and gives her usual “I don’t have time for negativity” speech but agrees that she and Amber have been able to move past their issues and seem to be able to squash new problems quickly when they arise.

There was some video that was on social media where Amber, Maci, Catelynn and Teen Mom 2’ Kailyn give a toast and refer to Farrah as a hoe.  Amber says that this was edited poorly, but it looks pretty clear to me.  Farrah is obviously hurt by it.  As much as she acts like she doesn’t care and is so above everything, this is the kind of stuff that wrecks her and makes her run out and buy a new face.  Catelynn does not share my sympathy and snarks that Farrah talks as much shit about them as they talk about her.

Dr. Drew asks if these issues that Catelynn has with Farrah is the reason she wasn’t invited to the wedding, but really this is just an excuse for him to bring up that he was ALSO not invited to the wedding.  I hate it when Dr. Drew gets all thirsty.

Farrah has a brief moment of clarity and maturely tells Catelynn that all she wants is to move forward but that it’s really hurtful to hear what gets said about her year after year and that it’s also hurtful to not have a relationship with the rest of the girls.  Look- Farrah is no angel and I would imagine that it would be incredibly difficult to have a real and meaningful friendship with someone who lacks any and all self-awareness, but I think it’s pretty obvious that most of Farrah’s delusional behavior is armor that she wears to protect herself.  Catelynn apologizes for her behavior in the video and Farrah gracefully accepts.

I don’t get it.  Sometimes Farrah is such a nightmare and other times she comes off like a mature competent adult.  Either way, this ends another season of TeenMomOG, and now your friendly recapper gets to rest on her laurels (at least until March 21st and then Teen Mom 2 premieres).  Until then, may you be filled with such joy that your soul can’t handle it!

Recap written by Liz Reiser