1. We find out quickly that Katie values scenery over friends when she agrees to modify her guest list to meet LVP’s demand. Cold. (I’m not saying I would also totally do what Katie did – though I really don’t think I would – I’m just pointing out it is fucked up.) Do you think the producers made Katie ask LVP to have her party there? They had to, right? Why else would you ask your boss if you could have a party at their house?

2. I might have to take back my Jax-directed eye rolls regarding Jax’s distain for Tom1’s music video. I’ve heard about it twice now and I’m just as over it. However, spending 9K on it is shocking. That’s like, an entire episode of PumpRules!

3. “Back off ladies, he’s mine.” No worries, Ariana.

4. Yes yes yes James and Kristen are meeting. She immediately points out the obvious: she is way too excited to drink in front of him while he is trying to be sober. And good for her too, because she gets her confirmation about the gross Jenna “definitely boning” story.  James said he wants to be he guy his mom raised him to be. Based on her behavior at that last lunch, I’d say, job already well done.

5. Kristen and James were apparently definitely boning. Gross.

6.  Poor Carter; he seems nice and I hate that Kristen embarrassed him. That being said, going to a dive bar to watch turtles race does seem like something he’d be into based on looks alone.

7. The scene where Scheana and Katie are discussing how Kristen & Stassi can’t come to the engagement party was boring. It was completely saved when the cameras panned away and all you heard Shay say was, “Food is important.”

8. Lala looks awesome in this video I don’t care about at all.

9. Brittany being surprised/upset to hear Jax doesn’t want to get married makes as much sense as….well, as her moving to LA to be with him after one month. Both are the behavior of an insane person requiring an intervention.

10. Kristen and Stassi both confirm they are not missing another event of Katie’s and how dare LVP make it about herself. Um. What? They can hear themselves, right? Katie the fashion blogger’s hair looks ridiculous at SUR. Ariana’s talking head made her look super bitchy, even if she did have a point. Those three things don’t really flow with this last thought but they had to be mentioned. Here’s the real point: Jax says he has to take a red-eye to Hawaii. I’m pretty sure the flight left at like, 9:30 am considering he left his apartment at 7:45 am. Also: he feels like he’s in jail living with Brittany. Does anyone feel bad for him? No one? Ok, yeah, that’s what I thought.

Next week’s episode (season finale :/) looks amazing.