Gizelle meets up with Katie at a local restaurant to talk about the Rost foundation’s Casino Night.  Katie Talking Head’s that she hadn’t planned on asking Gizelle to be a part of the host committee but that she was so nice and friendly the night before at the Yacht party, so she decided to capitalize on that good will. Atta girl!  Ashley and Robyn join the women and Gizelle enlightens Robyn (who missed the yachting event) on Michael’s shenanigans where he tried to defrock and jump overboard.  Katie defends his behavior as being Australian, and Ashley agrees.  I figure this is similar to if I moved to Europe and was a bitch one night, my European friends would just say, “well, you know, she’s American…so…” (#PleaseDontVote4Trump).

gizelle and robyn try to help

Katie has asked Robyn to help her with the promotion of this event which is apparently a mere 2 weeks away.  Robyn calls this a huge red flag and is concerned in general about Katie’s lack of organization.  At first, I choose to assume that Katie has mostly had the details of this event worked out for months and is only now asking the other women to be involved.

katie mad at dinner

Nope.  Nevermind.  Katie doesn’t even have a venue picked out yet, and wants to make 100k.  Gizelle reminds us that she does NOT do “hot mess”, which is exactly what this is sounding like.  Katie tells us that she does not need this kind of negativity and goes so far as to tell Robyn and Gizelle (who really, truly, seem to just be trying to help manage Katie’s expectations) that they don’t need to be on her host committee and beyond that, they aren’t invited.  Ashley cautions that the women tread lightly, but we are way past that.  Katie says that no event she has ever put on was a hot mess and this one won’t be either and she resents the implication that she doesn’t know what she’s doing.  Okay, fair enough, but she isn’t acting in a manner that would instill confidence.

We see all of the women, separately, getting ready for Bethany Beach.  Ashley is worried about hosting all of these prim and proper women and Katie is still annoyed about how the other women talked about her Rost Foundation event.  Katie says that the women were too involved with their own egos to see that she was just asking for help with a charity.  I think it would also be fair to say that Katie was so involved with her own ego to see that the other women were just trying to get her good advice.

Ashley tells us that she is thrilled that Queen Bee Karen has taken her under her wing, but that sucking up to her means that Ashley will be Karen’s chauffeur for the weekend.  Karen is less than thrilled that Ashley’s dog will be joining them for the ride.  Katie will also be driving, and is happy to do so because that means she will be able to drive home if shit goes south.  Ashley seems to be playing this Potomac game very well in that she is sucking up to Karen in just the right way.  The other women in Katie’s car say that Karen is thrilled to have a protégée and sees a lot of herself in Ashley.

The Katie Car women decide to play Marry, Fuck, Kill and it goes as such:  All of the women agree that they want to Fuck Bill Clinton (who would do it well, according to Gizelle). With 50Cent, there is no consensus but it seems like the women aren’t into it.  And that’s pretty much all we hear of the game

Ashley gets approval from Karen on the room setup which is that both women get rooms with one bed, as does Katie, and then Gizelle and Robyn will share a room with double beds, as well Charrisse and her friend.  Both Ashley and Karen agree and giggle that Gizelle is gonna be pissed.

katie car

The conversation in the Katie Car turns to Katie’s past relationships.  Apparently Katie and Russell Simmon’s had a bad break up, and Katie blogged about it.  Katie gets pissed when Gizelle reads her blog out loud, pulls over, and demands that someone else drive.  I used to like Katie, but she is coming off like a whiney, privileged little bitch.  And, of course, Katie is privileged, but part of the charm of privilege is that you are supposed to have the type of good breeding that prevents you from acting privileged.

Ashley has hired a chef, just to prevent extra bitching from the women.  The rest of the ladies arrive and Robyn comments on the photos on the wall of who we learn are Michael’s adult children (aka Ashley’s two step kids- both are in their early 20s).  None of the women like the cocktail that Ashley made for them and you can tell she is panicking a little bit about how the weekend is starting off.

Katie mentions how she was “googled” in the car on the way up and Gizelle correctly talking heads that Katie shouldn’t be mad about people reading what she put out in the world for people to read.  WORD.  It’s like me being pissed about someone saying I love garbage tv and then quoting this blog.  Be your truth, Katie…

The women clearly hated all of the food, but they were at least polite enough to not say it to the chefs.  Ashley shows the women their rooms, and Gizelle pulls a total Shannon Beador and is PISSED about not having her own room or a big bed.  Robyn sweetly calls it nostalgic to be in a small bed sharing a room with Gizelle, so she rolls with it.  Ashley spells both Charrisse and her friend Brynee’s name incorrectly, so she is clearly batting 1000.  Gizelle, Charrisse and Brynee start googling hotel rooms which is rude as fuck.  Robyn talking heads that its just not that big of a deal and that the women are being bitches, which they totally are.  I get that Ashley is on the bottom of the social totem pole, but still- not cool ladies.  Unfortunately for those c-u-next-tuesdays, all of the other acceptable hotel rooms in the area are booked up.

The next morning all of the women pitch in to make breakfast except for Gizelle.  Ashley tells the ladies that the plan for the morning is surfing.  Only half of the women are into it.  After Gizelle and Charrisse give Ashley a ridiculously hard time for both the room and the flaky air conditioning, the women head off to the beach.

bitches on the beach

Gizelle, Charrisse and Karen post up in beach chairs while the other ladies get coached.  Robyn is excited to be included in the Young Girls group, and will be learning how to surf.  I really appreciate how Robyn is jumping into this whole weekend feet first even though she had the issue with Ashley googling ther.  Robyn has been chill about the room and she got excited about surfing, so, Robyn is back in my number one spot this week.  The old biddies gossip bitterly on the beach while sipping champagne.

Katie, Charrisse and Brynee go pick up the crabs for dinner and Katie is still a bitter betty about the lunch she had with Robyn and Gizelle. Charrisse and Brynee offer their support for the event and Katie thanks the new b-team.

All of the women eat crab and talk about how they never poop or fart in front of their spouses. Someone get these women a copy of “everybody poops”.

Charrisse suggests that they have a “sister circle”, where the women go around the table and build each other up by saying things that they love and appreciate about each other.  Robyn thanks Charrisse for being so hospitable, loving and kind and she is grateful for their 13 year friendship.  Karen says that she loves Ashley for being free and fierce and she can’t wait to see what she will become.  Katie also gives props to Ashley but then makes the mistake of thanking Ashley for giving her own room, which is clearly a sensitive topic for Gizelle.

at crab bake

Gizelle says that she appreciates how Katie is “unassumingly smart”, which, yes, is kind of an insult, but Katie gets hella offended.  Brynee says that she also loves Katie, and she jokingly brings up that the first night that they met, she wasn’t sure what Katie was on.  Okay yes, everyone seems to have thought Katie was on ecstasy or something, but I think she just had a few too many tequila shots and all of these other women are so uptight that they assume you must be on drugs if you make out in public.

robyn breaks down

The women sit down inside after dinner for more Sister Circle action and Gizelle tells a story about tea and pooping which disappoints Charrisse, who totally invented the sister circle and demands that it be taken seriously.  Robyn manages to bring the vibe back to a solemn earnest place by asking Charrisse where she is with her possible divorce.  Charrisse says she isn’t sure and I admire that she doesn’t disparage Eddie at all.

Karen shares that her mother has been diagnosed with early dementia (which is my #1 fear about my mother, so I choke up a bit during this part).  Karen and her mother are very close and she’s scared about someday calling her mother and her mom not knowing who she is.  Karen says this makes her feel more vulnerable than she ever has.  Robyn decides to share and we get a “to be continued”, but she starts to tell us that she and Juan had a best friend who took advantage of them and took their money.  Yikes.  Poor Robyn.  She’s hands down the most Real Girl from this group and I’ve grown to like her a lot during this episode.  Katie, on the other hand, has slid down several rungs for her whiny, spoiled behavior.  If you write an internet blog about your ex, you can’t get mad when people go on the internet and read it.

Recap written by Liz