1. I really do like David Foster and the host of celebrity singers he brings to the show (Andy Cohen, can we get more Babyface please?) but I’m starting to wonder if he has ANY other interests besides music? This includes Yolanda. I feel like she has to offer extreme adoration to his musical abilities for him to give her the time of day.

2. If I could be any person other than myself, I would be either Beyonce or Lisa Vanderpump. Those ponies are just the over-the-top addition that make you realize what a true baller Lisa is. I do, however, feel sorry for Ken who is obviously bored/annoyed with all of Lisa’s friends. He would much rather just lounge around with his twin, Giggy.

3. Erica Jane is the only new cast member I actually like.  Yes, her performances are a little crazy but she actually works for a living and seems to have a decent grasp on what it takes to be a nice person. What that said, I don’t know WHY she thought she could trust Kathryn. Kathryn knows she has no place with this crew and the only way she can stick around is to stir up drama.
4.  My girl Lisa just needs to understand that Yolanderrrr WANTS to be mad about the alleged comments about Bella and Anwar’s Lyme disease. At this point, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. It’s Yolander’s new thing and she’s not letting it go anytime soon.
5. Harry Hamlin. Great actor. Not hot. Sorry, Erica.
6. Someone please get Eileen a stylist. Did she get those highlights at SuperCuts? No girl, no. And speaking of hair, is Yolanda not washing hers? It looks…greasy.
7.  I love that Kyle has family dinner every night but isn’t that table a little overdressed for week night dinners? Water goblets, water bottles, wine glasses, cloth napkins? Fine china? Wow. I use real plates and I thought I was doing a lot.
8. Another great reason to be or be besties with Lisa Vanderpump is that you get to be friends with Mohammed! His house is amaze-balls.  Oh man, I love him and his child bride. That little horsey house was the cutest. “I got Ken a house and you and I can just hang out.” Hahahaha. Oh, Mo.
9.  Does anyone else think that Yolanda hates on Lisa V because she’s jealous? We all know by now that Yolanda and David’s marriage is over. Lisa is friends with Yolanda’s ex and she has a long lasting marriage to Ken. Deep down I think she’s fishing for reasons to distance herself from Lisa because she’s a reminder of her failed relationships.
10.  Erica– “Lisa Vanderpump enjoys thinking that she’s smart”…umm…don’t we all? I know my loyalties lie with Lisa but are we really attacking Lisa for being too smart? Come on now ladies.
That’s all for my 10 thoughts because I refuse to comment on Kim Richards. I just can’t with her anymore.

10Thoughts written by Lauren