1. We start with Rinna’s kids preparing for a tonsillectomy. No big deal, right? WRONG. I had mine out at age 24. I lost so much weight, you guys. (It was kinda magical.) I weigh 180 now. I weighed 138 after that surgery because the procedure is SO hard on adults. Yes, Rinna, she is going to be in pain. Yes, Rinna, it is going to be horrible.  They basically cut out the back of your throat and you get food caught in the pockets for weeks. You get hairy tongue from the antibiotics (google it!) and ulcers from the trauma of the tube. It’s gross. I just thought everyone should know how gross it is.

2. Now we go to Yolanda and her husband, and we all now know they are divorced so I will do what everyone is doing and pick apart their relationship. Yolanda jokes David is lucky because there will be two girls for every guy. He smiles creepily. This would not be so creepy if we didn’t know they’d divorce 8 seconds later.

3. Kathryn is yucky and desperate. Her telling Erika it was on her for trusting her was a fair point, however. Something tells me Mrs. Girardi will not be making that mistake again. I can’t argue when Kathryn’s talking head says if you don’t want something repeated, don’t say it. Noted, Kathryn. Noted.

4. When Yolanda starts to cry, the worst possible thing Vanderpump could do is start throwing a thousand statements/questions at her. “Are you ok? No, no you’re not. What’s wrong? You’re crying. Why are you crying? You’re emotional.” Was that about David? Probably. If we didn’t know about the divorce, I’d have ignored that completely.

5. Did you guy’s seen Rinna’s face when she proclaimed Erika doesn’t even know Vanderpump? Oh my God. I took a freeze frame of it and will stare at it any time I think it might be wise to do Botox. (12:43 into the episode, y’all. And again at15:41 and AGAIN at 15:53. That’s enough examples for tonight.)

6. Oh my God, you guys. Erika called Katheryn a “F******* C***” for betraying her right after Kathryn begged to be Erika’s BFF. We all know Katheryn’s aversion to the C U Next Tuesday word, so this is probably the best/worst insult ever. Anyway, Erika brilliantly told Vanderpump that she meant she was influential. Erika is the smartest housewife on the block.

6. WHO put lemon all over everyone’s family-style food? Was that Eileen? Dammit Eileen. Cut yourself off a portion and put it on your own. Then change clothes. Also, stop picking fights with Rinna about Vanderpump. It’s weird.

7. My new favorite part of the show was when the dog ate the baked potato. The stars. They’re just like us. In other news, it’s another day, another awful Eileen outfit. She’s wearing a baggy, yet skin-tight skin-colored jumpsuit. It has a zipper right up the middle…of the front.

8. Mohammad brings over a house for Ken’s pony and now I want to live in a house made for animals.

9. Kathryn meets with her sisters. The storyline about her mom’s dementia is a necessary topic and I like it’s being discussed. What I don’t like, however, is that Kathryn says her sisters keep her grounded. What? Are they so beneath you? Why does anyone need help “staying grounded”?

10. Kyle and Kim meet and I still do not care. I’ve never cared about Kim’s storyline. I know I’m in a minority here, but I’m so over it. Chick needs help, not a reality show. That being said, I’m DVRing the Mother-Daughter experiment. Brandi comes up, because of course she does. Kim and Brandi should be taking in a Bravo paycheck for all the work they’ve done this season by sitting on their couch and not being there at all, ever.

10Thoughts written by Kerry