1. Let’s start with the whole Yolanda Munchausen scenario. First off, Yolanda is so pissed because she thinks Rinna said she had Munchausen BY PROXY. That is an entirely different animal, and Rinna never said that. However, Yolanda will. not. listen. to anyone when they try to tell her that they are talking about two different things. Secondly, I call bullshit on her not pronouncing it correctly. She’s doing that on purpose to degrade the meaning. Fine. But Rinna didn’t say she gave Lyme disease to her kids. Rinna didn’t even say Yo had Munchausen. Yo’s pissed because now it’s her storyline and Yo can’t break the fourth wall to say that. She dances around it by saying Rinna “put it out in the world” and that I CAN get behind. She just needs to calm down a little because she’s making it a bigger deal than it is. It’s definitely her storyline now because this is the only episode Yo has contributed anything to this season.

2. The best scene in this entire episode was the sad interaction between Ken and Katheryn’s husband. (Manny? I think that’s it. If not, that’s what I’m calling him forever anyway.) Ken is staring blankly ahead, thinking about Giggy and tiny ponies and Manny is saying something about he isn’t a fan, he’s a PLAYER. It’s just such a clear juxtaposition to the amped conversation the ladies are having. It’s so so so boring. I seriously wish Ken would have responded with, “Yes, it is a nice day out.”
3. Eileen cannot dress to save her life. Kudos to her for stepping out of her confort zone…but she was so clearly uncomfortable and she had zero idea what to do with her arms in that getup. (I AM EILEEN.)
4. I seriously, really, truly, honestly, do NOT CARE about Kim Richards. Why does she have one of the main storylines in this show, yet she hasn’t appeared once? Rinna can’t quit talking about her because Rinna has to stay relevant somehow to keep getting those Bravo checks. It seems laughing at her own jokes in her talking heads would be enough, no?
5. Speaking of me not caring about Kim conversations, Erika Jayne shutting down the women at Katheryn’s house was a close second for the best scene in the episode. When Rinna said it was a “scary” moment last year when she was relevant (that’s what she meant, right?), Katheryn took issue with her using the word scary. Rinna retorts by saying, “It was a really scary moment.” Erika just looks at her (the way only Erika can do) and said simply, “Well, it’s over.” My husband laughed out loud.
6. I’m a complete asshole for saying this, and I almost hesitate to because it’s so cold, but I just don’t care about Katheryn or her storyline yet. The whole suicide thing is TERRIBLE and I’m not taking that lightly. However, I felt like she forced it in and used it for her gain so she might seem interesting enough to stay on the show. That was gross. Feel free to disagree and discuss.
7. Soooo Kyle doesn’t want to be in the conversation so she moves so she can just hear it? Does that count as excusing yourself from the situation? What was that?
7. Let’s move on to Mr. Girardi. I thought he and Erika Girardi have a cute relationship. Now I think they have a real one. Let me explain: they have been married for years, so something’s right (as Queen LVP pointed out). Erika Girardi knows what’s up. She knows he’s the boss. The show has never shown him being the boss until tonight, however. So it’s cute when she calls him the boss when all they show is him being sweet to her. But when he calmly, quickly, and quietly cuts her off because “he’s speaking,” it just makes so much more sense and is much more real. That all being said, I’m still all in on this relationship. It works for them. Mr. Girardi gets a trophy, Erika Jayne gets to exist, and they seem to enjoy each other’s company in the roles they are playing.
8. Who is this person Kyle is having lunch with? Adrienne? Right? Do you think the real reason she and Dr. Nassif got divorced is because he doesn’t want people to think he works on her face? Jesus Christ. It’s not just Adrienne. Have you seen LVP’s freeze-frame face on the PumpRules intro? Obviously Rinna’s lips? Just stop it. People keep saying these women look “fabulous” but I’m more into the natural look, just like…..wait. I can’t think of any real housewives that haven’t at least frozen their face with a paralyzing toxin.
9. Let’s go back to the Rinna-Yolanda thing. Rinna says in a talking head that it’s “not the bipolar comment that bothers me, it’s the righteousness that bothers me.” Here again, they’re dancing around the 4th wall. Yolanda just did EXACTLY the same thing Rinna did. Literally the exact same thing. Ten points for Rinna here.
10. I’m going to use my last point to say I really dislike it that these “gays” seem to be used as props. (ANGRY FACE.) I know Erika Jayne loves them, so maybe it’s Bravo. I don’t know. I do know all of these men are people who happen to be gay and for some reason this is my issue de jour.

10Thoughts written by Kerry