1. First off, congrats to Maci! Media outlets recently revealed that she’s pregnant with her third baby. I know she’s soooooo thankful it’s not with Ryan.

2. Speaking of Maci, poor Bentley has to have a tonsillectomy and his mom can’t even rely on his father to help him recover while she works. (Note: According to Maci, Ryan is STILL unemployed). Later on in the episode, Ryan’s parents are trying to explain to him why he needs to improve his communication with Maci. Ryan complains that Maci “just wanted to keep talking.” Like me, his poor parents were so confused that their son STILL doesn’t get it. Once again, Ryan’s parents are rock stars; I just don’t know how Ryan came from them.
3. Whoa whoa whoa. Why is the tooth fairy bringing STACKS of cash in international currencies?? I saw the previous episode when the tooth fairy dished out 600 dollars for one tooth but now she’s over 1000! I can’t imagine what tooth fairy Farrah is gonna drop for the next one. Maybe just a bucket of diamonds? Or gold bars?
4. Awwww…get it Butch! He found himself a lady friend. That was quick but I suppose he’s just making up for lost time. I hope he’s able to get on his feet and start his life over. ‪#‎teambutch‬
5. I feel Maci’s pain. Her plate is FULL and the last thing she wants to do is fold laundry all night long after helping Bentley with his homework. Taylor, DO YOUR PART.
6. SIMON IS COMING TO TOWN?! Yaaaaaasss. Hold up, Michael (that’s Farrah’s dad) has been texting with Simon? WHY? Isn’t Simon the guy that just stopped returning Farrah’s calls while they were at a friend’s wedding? I can’t imagine why a father would want his daughter with someone like that. Oh well, I’ll stay tuned …
7. I really love Tyler but it hurts me to see a son feel as if he needs to parent his father. Butch needs to move out but Tyler is legitimately so scared he’s going to lose his sobriety. The scene where Butch and Tyler go to therapy was so sad. Could I love Butch any more? No. #teambutch
8. I don’t even know what to say about those shoes Farrah bought in London. So let’s just skip to point 9…
9. Ohhh…this conversation with Farrah’s mom and Simon is scary. Now I see why Michael was texting him. According to Mom, they have similar personality types. Why have we never heard that Michael took part in domestic violence before?? Is that why Farrah has so many issues with her parents? I’m so confused.
10. Oh gosh, poor Amber wants to take Leah (see: BooBoo) to Florida. Gary isn’t gonna like that. I guess we have to wait until next week to see how this goes down!

#10Thoughts written by Lauren