Sometimes, the cast says your thoughts for you.

1. Regarding Katie’s home renovations a while Andrew was gone: “Quite the aggressive move,” says Andrew. And I know Robyn said her thirsty comments about Ashley, but I think they’re best applied to this scenario. “I’ve heard of being thirsty before, but this bitch is dehydrated.” (I’m not sure she said bitch…but if not, it’s well-deserved here.)

2. Ashley, regarding literally everything about her party: “Modesty is for nuns.”

3. Gizelle: “I’m trying to get ready for Ashley’s teenie bop party.” I think we need to be reminded at least 4,000 per episode that Ashley is 27, the other women are in their 40s, and Karen is a beautiful 1 million.

4. “You’re really going to make your guests pay for drinks at your party?” Ok, no one said that exact phrase, but everyone touched on it. Seriously, Ashley? How are you gonna accept a Porsche and make everyone else pay $15 for a cocktail? (Maybe that’s why they can afford said Porsche?)

5. Oh my fucking God Katie, QUIT MAKING OUT. Gizelle said it best: “I was turned off. Grossed out. Bllaaaahhh.” Then they showed her putting her hand in his pants pocket. Did anyone else catch that?!

6. Again, Gizelle summing up everyone’s collective thoughts: “Katie and Andrew are the absolute worst at this party. I don’t know why they’re acting like Andrew just got home from war.”

8. That sad old man in that sad old hat. 😞 No one said that but they WAY should have.

9. Does Charrisse live in an alternate universe where she doesn’t know that people KNOW her marriage is a sham? She’s living in a different state from her husband, even in the off season. She tells the women and they have to act surprised. This show can’t be scripted because exactly zero of the women pull this off well.

10. That being said, it was nice to see Charrisse being a human being with feelings for once. Maybe she was such a cow in the first few episodes because she’s projecting her crappy love life?

10Thoughts written by Kerry