1. Abby is Awful. There is no argument otherwise. However, I usually see a spark of a soul in those black eyes for about one second every episode. Not in this one, my friends. When she patted that mini on the head I shuddered. I actually had a flash in my head that she was going to try to twist that little girl’s head off.

2. This show is getting a bit ridiculous with the obvious producer meddling (more on that in my RHOBH thoughts). Those mini moms are fighting for the sake of fighting. It’s so sweaty. The one with the brown hair and pink lips is the worst (I can’t be bothered to learn her name).

3. More about producer meddling: Holly used to be the normal one. She is now “standing up for her kid” or whatever nonsense she uses to justify her awful behavior now. However…

4. Abby saying that Nia should be able to dance the African-themed dance “because she’s black” is some racist shit. Last I checked, Nia is an American from Pittsburgh who has to learn these techniques like everyone else.

5. Where is Chloe? I still miss Chloe.

6. I am sooooo over this mini dancers storyline. I do not have time to care about five new people at once. Bring em in one at a time. I’m not into Kalani yet. I just got used to Kendall.

7. Why aren’t they showing more of Abby’s legal troubles?? That’s the storyline here. Is she the executive producer? She has to be, right?

8. Every week I have a difficult time deciding who among these women has the worst fashion sense. They all end up in a tie. Kalani’s mom isn’t bad but I’m still not over that mole she had removed. Remember that? I vote she should keep it.

9. I totally forgot JoJo was new.

10. I have a difficult time coming up with 10 thoughts for Dance Moms. Basically, all the women are in competition to see who can be the worst human alive and then in comes the bull in the China shop reminding everyone that she is the Queen who reigns supreme.

10Thoughts written by Kerry