1. No. Pucker & pout. Nooooo. First of all, blogging is so very 2000 and late *cough* but second, no one cares about your hair, Katie. Maybe if you’d never have dyed it blonde and if you’d take your nose ring out, I’d be a little more interested in your fashion sense. But for now, Nope. Didn’t Stassi already do this?

2. I love the dentist scene, but I’m a dentist. I’m not so sure how necessary the gore was. (Side bar: when I listen to the aftershows, I’m quite shocked when the people speaking are intelligent. Then I remember our blog.) Back to thought: WTF Faith!!! Poor form telling James about Lala. Very poor form. Also, I’m so fucking sick of this show trying to make people think of Lala as a “slut” or whatever other pejorative term for single woman one wants to use. Pipsqueak busboy just admitted to having tons of one night stands, but that’s cool I guess. Sigh. However, I also don’t feel sorry for Lala’s sob story even though that’s cold of me. It’s just that, yeah, bad shit happens to everyone and this gorgeous woman has to reach back to elementary school for hers!

3. Lala standing up for herself to James is everything. James is SUCH a royal asshat. He says the meanest thing he can think and then follows it by calling her babe. It’s crazy.

4. I am writing this in real time and Katie’s ill-fitting outfit she wore to the launch party she threw herself proves my point #1.

5. Of course Tom2 didn’t bring anything to be a bartender because of course he didn’t.

6. Ken wondering how long his 70 year old self has to be around these immature 30 year olds was amazing enough, but I laughed out loud when Lisa complained about seeing “Kristen’s ass” as soon as she walked in.

7. Speaking of Kristen, I really like this Aleks guy for her. I don’t watch Below Deck, but I imagine I’d be in Beavo Heaven if I did. Also speaking of Kristen, she is WASTED at this party.

8. James looks ridiculous. This is the most James conversation ever.

9. I am sort of proud of Tom2 for this conversation. He is very non-confrontational and he knocked it out of the park for what he wanted to say. I’m not saying I agree or disagree, I’m just saying this is Tom2 is being articulate for the first time ever. His point about Katie not caring Stassi called being worse than bitching about it was COLD and TRUTH.

10. ….aaaaand then he invited her to the engagement party. Whatever. Good. This has been a good episode. Less Scheana, more Kristen.

10Thoughts written by Kerry