Hey y’all! I have been a faithful follower of the Sixteen and Pregnant/Teen Mom antics from the beginning. Part of me thought there would be some maturity and less drama now that they are OGs but of course I was mistaken. Without further adieu, my ‪#‎10thoughts‬:

1. Woah, Nova’s got some lungs on her! But hey, don’t all babies? I have one and when she sounds her alarm, I wonder how I could produce a creature capable of breaking the sound barrier. I totally understand Moms needing a break but unless your baby’s name is Carmen Sandiego, no one should be looking for her THAT much.
2. Tyler, didn’t you and Catelynn put Carly up for adoption so that you could go to school and get decent jobs?? That was over six years ago and you STILL don’t have a steady reliable job. As hard as it may be for you to believe, the rest of us don’t get paid for having our existence recorded. Eventually MTV is gonna end this ride and you will have no other source of income. Get a job.
3. Is there any hope for Sophia? Her Mom is on FaceTime cussin’ and hollerin’ at her grandma on the daily. And is Michael (see: grandpa) on Farrah’s payroll? I can’t imagine why else you would willingly be treated like dog poop by Farrah.
4. Maci, I’m usually in your corner since you *mostly* have it together. But why on earth is your first baby daddy’s momma watching your second baby daddy’s baby?? Where is baby daddy #2’s Mom? And better yet, where are your parents this season?? I mean dang, Ryan isn’t the brightest star in the sky but even he can see you’re using his mom.

**editor’s note- I believe Taylor is from out of state so his family probably isn’t in TN.  That said, where IS Maci’s family?**
5. Wait, is Farrah really causing all this drama because two people want to watch her daughter FOR FREE? She should be glad anyone wants to be bothered with her. Girl, bye.
6. “What’s your vision for your wedding?” Amber—“A lot of white a lot of velvet…very elegant.” Ummm…white and velvet do not equal elegant. Oh well, let’s just hope this wedding doesn’t happen because Matt is a no bueno.
7. Gary put his investigator hat on and went in on this episode. I’m thinking that since he also doesn’t have a job, he could sub in on Catfish and help out Nev and Max. I was dying looking at Gary perched on his porch in yet another screen printed shirt to present his evidence to his ex. Amber, court cases typically don’t lie. You need to find out exactly how many kids no-job-having-Matt has, ASAP.
8. Farrah’s therapist is a saint. Did she fly all the way to Texas for this nonsense? ‪#‎youretherealMVP‬
9. “I don’t know where Gary got this information…” Amber! Wake up! These are PUBLIC records. Stop crying and pick up your phone, tablet, laptop ANYTHING to get the scoop on your (old) man.
10. The closing scene with Tyler on rollerblades really took me back to 1995. *nostalgic tear* If his writing career doesn’t take off, he could always get a job at Sonic.