We start the episode off with “ball and gala girl” Katie Ross who meets with a portly journalist from Washingtonian Magazine for a “ten years later” piece about the former cover model. When asked about the lack of husband in her life, like all good bitches, she marks her territory (boyfriend Andrew) by talking about how great he is with her kids and how she is ready to marry.  She tells us in a talking head that Andrew is considered one of Potomac’s great eligible bachelors (still?  Haven’t they been dating for a few years now?  It looked like they lived together…surely word has gotten out before now).

She also talks about the Ross foundation, of which she is the director thanks to mommy and nepotism.  The Ross foundation raises money for other charities like The Boys and Girls Club.  Nothing to really comment on here other than I hope for her kid’s sake that Andrew doesn’t become uncomfortable from the marriage pressure and bolt.  Although at this point, since he is so involved with the kids, maybe the pressure from Katie is well warranted.  I’m a big believer in pushing to get what you want, and if you don’t get it then you weren’t meant to have it.


Next we get to see another attempt to squash the Karen HugerGizelle Bryant beef; this time with Karen calling for the meeting. She scolds Gizelle for her previous attempt to make things right (which admittedly seemed pretty aggressive and it wasn’t surprising when things went south).  Good intentions but the wrong approach, Karen says.  Gizelle calls out Karen’s antiquated etiquette rules in a talking head but accepts Karen’s apology (which seemed sort of sincere even if it contained the word “if” which is a pet peeve of mine).  They agree to disagree.  Karen encourages Gizelle to reach out to Charrisse Jackson Jordan, but Gizelle seems less interested in that.  It seems to me that Karen is the ruler of the roost with these chickens and while it might be a true detriment to Gizelle’s social standing by not making nice with her, Gizelle isn’t about to kowtow to a lesser hen.


Ashley Darby and Katie meet for dinner and drinks with their significant others (husband Michael and boyfriend Andrew, respectively). They talk about not having many (or any) other interracial couple friends and Ashley endears herself to me forever by claiming to be a whiskey, tequila, and beer type of girl.  Ashley also lets us know that before they got together, she was a bartender at a club that Michael owned and she would watch him over the surveillance camera that was set up in the office.  Katie deems this move as awesomely creepy and again publically calls out Andrew for not putting a ring on it.  Katie asks Ashely what she thought of the women when she met them last week and Ashley politely says that they gave her “cause for pause”.  Katie asks if Ashley has met Karen (she hasn’t), and Andrew calls Karen out for being “older and more haggard and stuck up than the other women”.  Fuck off, Andrew.  I don’t like Karen any more than the next guy, but to make fun of her age and looks so publically is pretty shitty.  Katie doesn’t reprimand him like she should (isn’t Karen her friend?) and that will likely bite her in the ass around reunion time.


We head over to Robyn Dixon’s house where she is just getting out of bed. The bed that she shares with her ex-husband, Juan.  The bed that is in the house that they also still share.  Juan is a former NBA star who was unfaithful during their marriage so they got a divorce but they still co-habitat, co-parent, and co-uddle under the sheets.  This arrangement actually seems to work.  Juan’s parents were in and out of jail and died of AIDS when he was a teenager so it’s important for him to stay in his children’s lives as much as possible.  Robin says that she wants their relationship to work but is scared after the infidelity.  I like Robyn.  She seems to be the most down-to-earth out of the bunch and if this unconventional family dynamic works for them, then I’m all for it.  Juan looks like a great dad.  I just hope he can be a great partner to Robyn as well.  Juan has an opportunity to possibly become a coach but the job would take him out of state.  Robyn has a decision to make if he gets the job because it’s one thing to keep the status quo with your ex, but an entirely different thing to move out of state with him to keep the family together.


Rayvin, Karen’s daughter, is getting ready for her senior prom in her mother’s bathroom, which is apparently a first. Mommy’s dressing room is only for special occasions?  Rayvin’s date Henry shows up and he is white.  In a talking head, Karen explains that interracial dating in Potomac is completely normal and that children are taught to look for a good person, regardless of skin color which is a pretty refreshing attitude to have in today’s society.  Rayvin looks beautiful in what I would consider a very age appropriate dress.  The dress is long and elegant and there’s cleavage, but it’s her senior prom so whatevs.


We then meet back up with Robyn who is at a bridal salon with her mother to sell her $6700 dress. As a long time viewer of TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress, this price tag strikes me as fairly low but maybe they got married before that NBA money came rolling in.  The women wax poetic about what a great day the wedding was 10 years ago and Robyn tells us how she and Juan came from very different backgrounds but her family completely embraced him.  Her mother helped Juan with his education and her father taught him manners.  It’s a sweet story and I want to know more about what went wrong.


Karen and Charrisse go shopping and Karen is still trying to get Charrisse and Gizelle back together. I don’t really get this fight.  From what I can tell, Gizelle and her hairdresser came over early to help Charrisse get ready, the hair dresser made a remark about Charrisse’s hair and they were noisy downstairs.  I can totally get Charrisse being annoyed with Gizelle but it seems like this whole thing is being blown out of proportion, even by Real Housewives standards.  Katie and Ashley meet up with them to model bathing suits for Karen to buy for her daughter because how else would you buy clothes for your kid.  Huh? Ashley and Karen click almost instantly.  Karen wastes no time in explaining to Ashley that respect is the key to success with this group of women.  I think that Karen is past the point of looking at a girl like Ashley as competition or a threat to her own beauty and standing and because of this she is able to embrace Ashley and take her under her wing; as opposed to Gizelle who seemed immediately put off by Ashley’s mere presence (#JealousMuch?)  Speaking of the green-eyed monster, Gizelle has decided to put her first impression of Ashley behind her and attend the whiskey tasting event that Ashley is throwing for the women.  Whatever, bitch.  She cutely tells us that she is letting her daughters pick out her outfit because they are closer to Ashley’s age.  This doesn’t come off as bitter at all.


The women begin to arrive at the whiskey tasting and Karen is horrified to learn that this tasting is being held at what looks like a pretty cool underground bar. Regardless of this sort of thing not being in her “sandbox”, Karen seems to be trying to keep an open mind.  Here’s hoping Ashley is smart enough to let miss manners pick out her own seat.  Gizelle is less open minded and is pissed that she is wearing Gucci in a basement.  The tasting is not going over well with the women who are more into champagne and wine than dark liquor which Robyn says is for “grown men” and not a “little girl” like Ashley.  Boo, Robyn.  That said, there is no social lubricant like hard liquor and Gizelle admits to not even being annoyed by Ashley. So instead she turns her attention to complementing Karen for being an adult and having that conversation with her from the beginning of the episode which is an obvious dig at Charrisse who says that a conversation isn’t necessary and she just wants to move on.  Gizelle keeps pushing and even Robyn says that the ladies aren’t going to see eye to eye and should just put it past them.  But brown liquor is a tricky mistress and she will not let sleeping dogs lie.  Ashley brings up Gizelle referring to her as a “THOT” (That Hoe Over There) at the socialites event from the last episode, and Gizelle says this was justified because of Ashley’s hoe-ish behavior (namely jokingly humping Robyn).  Ashley is smarter than all of these women, knows how this game is played, and quickly apologizes for acting inappropriately (SEE, BRANDI GLANVILLE?! THAT’S HOW IT’S DONE….).  Taking a cue from Ashley’s maturity, Charrisse and Gizelle hug it out.  Whiskey brings everyone together!


Katie and Andrew can’t attend this shindig but we see a shot of them in the car on their way to the Washingtonian Magazine event. Katie takes the opportunity to grill Andrew about what she should refer to him as.  They finally land on “the man [she] suckered into taking care of her three kids”.  Andrew seems to be a pretty good sport so far about this proposal pressure and I hope it stays that way, lest we get ourselves into another Bethenny Frankel and First Jason situation.  We later see them at the magazine event schmoozing and networking.  It’s mostly boring but there is a great exchange between Andrew who says “we’re having a casino night to benefit children” and the guy he is talking to replies “wow, that’s a really great cause”.  General benefits for children is my favorite cause.  There is also more Andrew-needs-to-put-a-ring-on-it talk, because that is 98% of Katie’s storyline.  We close the episode with more of this pressure including talk of more babies in the house.  It turns from a light hearted chat to Katie laying down the hammer.  Andrew says that this pressure is what is keeping him from proposing.  This is a pretty typical male excuse but I don’t doubt that the constant nagging is obnoxious.  That said, Katie has three kids already and I get her wanting him to put up or shut up.


All in all an okay episode. I think the problem with this cast is that for the most part they all have excellent pedigree and breeding so it’s unbecoming of them to have real bitchy conflicts that can last the full course of the season. That’s the trouble with Old Money.  It doesn’t always make for good tv.  Until next time!

Recap written by Liz