Originally posted on Facebook by Liz to Ashley (aka, the start to this whole blog)

So here’s the thing. Yes, Kristen is the best part of PumpRules, but what I’ve always liked about this show is that its believable because these people were already friends and had a history with each other. I want Kristen to find a way to be back in the show, but this nonsense about them expecting Tom and Ariana to be totally cool with her coming on a birthday vacation (TOM’S BIRTHDAY, no less) is grade A shenanigans. Kristen was a legit psycho last season and Tom and Ariana have no reason to want to spend time with them. Of course I want her there, but im a viewer and this is not my life. This has struck me as the falsest season yet. Stassi was a bitch, but it rang true that she wouldnt want to spend time with people who hurt her or that she wasnt friends with.

Anyhow. Things i want more of:
1. Lala. she’s excellent tv and I’m enjoying her a lot
2. James and Jax taking their dicks out and slapping them around
3. Kristen, but in a believable way. Her hanging out with Jax was fun. If she and Katie and Scheana are actually friends now, show me that. because i dont believe it otherwise.
4. Tom 2 jumping during modeling shoots
5. Gordo the dog
6. Faith being something more than “Look! we finally have cultural diversity!”
7. Lisa putting the smackdown on…really, anyone- im not picky.
8. Shay being put in situations where the camera focuses on him drinking because we are supposed to all be believing this addiction plotline.
9. Kentucky Brittany and her interview-inappropriate clothing. I’d just love to get some Southern energy up in this mix. Tequila shots for everyone if we get even one “Well, bless your heart” out of Britt-Britt
10. Tom 1’s mom. I ADORE her. Lady Firefighter FTW