Ok, so I am all caught up with #PumpRules.

  1. Faith questioning what if Lala sees in James is what everyone is thinking all the time
  2. I could not be less interested in Tom2 & Katie, but I did think that was a sweet proposal. Of course it had to be public, but whatever.
  3. Tom1 telling Tom2 he was “very Top Shop.” Compliment or insult? Discuss.
  4. Kristen is starting to become irrelevant and that makes me sad. This was Stassi’s show. It’s now Kristen’s show. (Ok, ok, it’s Jax’s show too.)
  5. Brittany is just so adorably stupid.
  6. I want to hate Lala pretty badly (because you know, I’m team Kristen) but I way don’t right now.
  7. Who is Ariana and why does anyone care about this person? Boooo.
  8. I need more 100×110 foot pictures of Schena in her home. Not Schena and her husband. Just Schena in a crop top. I think there were only 45 in the last episode; clearly not enough.
  9. Peter is ridiculous. His hair is so gross. Was pre- and post-cut. He is so hot. Why doesn’t someone help him with this
  10. WHY IS EVERYONE SO SWEATY? and puffy?
  11. Does anyone else hear these references James makes to cocaine, like, ALL the time?
  12. I dislike James. Very much so. This may surprise you because I was/am team Kristen and she was the villian; I just thought she got a bit of a bad go at it and is a little mentally off. James is just a jerk.
  13. The AfterBuzz podcast and the aftershow is disappointing. We should be doing it.
  14. There is a zero percent chance Kristen should go on this Hawaii trip. Tom was better friends with these people and it’s his bday. Kristen can have a trip with all of them sans Tom1 & Ariana at a later date. (However, I know she was the one that bailed him out of jail so I’m assuming she will go.)
  15. How can Schena claim she is best friends with someone and then talk about how difficult they are being to said best friend’s enemy #1? NO. I understand being friends with both but the crossover smack talking is gross.
  16. Does Lala own a mirror? Her face looks orange compared to her neck and her lip liner extends to her nostrils.
  17. I have never really thought the producers meddled with them much until this season. All these people including in a (partially) Tom1-centered event Kristen doesn’t make sense. Stassi has no reason to come back. I’m not even sure Faith and Max are a real thing. It’s all.so.confusing.

One sidebar: Bitch Sesh ventured into the world of VPR. They hated it but had some pretty funny stuff to say. They liked Ariana though, so they got that wrong. Casey said, “I like Kristen. Is this wrong?”