W-O-W. What an episode. Best non-Kristen, non-Stassi episode ever.

1. Scheana is the WORST. I don’t think anyone needs me to explain why.
2. For now, I am still team Lala. I wouldn’t like it if she took her top off in front of my boyfriend, but that is because I’d be insecure and possibly a little jealous. Those are both “Ashley” problems and not Lala problems.
3. Soooo disappointed in Brittany. I really hate it when the girlfriend is mad at the “other woman” and takes a blide eye to reality: your man is slimy.
4. Let’s double back to Scheana. WTF is up with this, “She’s not my best friend, you are!” nonsense. Are we 12? It touches on our phone conversation last week: She’s one of those girls who throws around the term best friend but doesn’t really mean it. And Katie was SOOOO predictable in her sheep attitude. Schena is her new Stassi.
5. That being said, I sort of admired when she stood her ground regarding the whole hating on Tom thing. Tom1 SHOULD be mad, but she is allowed to feel however she wants about it. Shea standing up for her spoke volumes too, like possibly we aren’t seeing something, because I don’t think he’d just blindly do that after the way Tom1 helped him with the addiction thing.
6. Ariana is also the WORST. Yawn.
7. Can we talk about Lala’s head scarf for a second?
8. Do you think tequila completely overrides the taste of sunscreen, or do you think they emptied out a coconut-scented sunscreen and are just going with it? Either way, I liked it.
9. Why isn’t anyone upset with Faith about the whole topless thing? Oh yeah. She doesn’t make me feel insecure or jealous. I forgot. Back to hating on Lala.
10. I still dislike James as much as I could dislike anyone I don’t know.

This is all over the place but I have to get back to work so I didn’t bring up the, “control your woman” thing or the weird Justin Beiber recreation photo. Also, Peter, COME ON with that hair, man.